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LEM Loan eMarket is the first portal focused on buying and selling loans, designed for small, medium and large-sized investors.

Buy a Loan or Loan Pools

Loan eMarket allows you to directly connect with professionals and investors in the sector to buy specific loans or loan pools.

Sell a Loan or Loan Pools

Loan eMarket allows you to reach buyers and investors to sell your loans or loan pools.

Buy a Loan or
Loan Pools

Access our list of loans, free of charge, and find the investment that best suits your needs. In addition, at Loan eMarket you can contact other buyers and share opinions.

  • Loan Listings
  • Find the investment that fits your requirements
  • Connect with buyers

Sell a Loan or
Loan Pools

If you are a professional in the sector, Loan eMarket allows you to quickly and easily access loan buyers and investors. You can post a specific loan or a loan pool and connect directly with interested investors.

  • Post a loan for sale
  • Link for investors
  • Close operations quickly

Interested in investing on loans, mortgages or debt?

Loan eMarket is the country’s leading online platform for buying and selling loans, aimed at investors in the sector. We have all kinds of debts and loans, as well as pools of debt for the more experienced investors.

We have nationally and internationally registered investors who currently use Loan eMarket for their daily operations. If you are interested in buying or selling a loan, Loan eMarket is the ideal platform for you.

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